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Definition of Aloha Wall hanging


Aloha is commonly used as a greeting in the Hawaiian islands and beyond. While it is indeed a modern day greeting used for either "hello" or "goodbye", there is a reason behind WHY it has been used as a greeting. "Aloha" holds a deep spiritual meaning in the Hawaiian culture. This wooden wall hanging gives a "breakdown" of the roots of what phonetics come together to make up the word. "Ha" or breath is of course important for all peoples of every culture. The ancient Hawaiians and many modern day Hawaiians as a culture have held a particular awareness and presence in relationship to the breath in oneself and all living Beings.

In the past the traditional greeting was for two people to stand across from each other, place one hand on opposite shoulder and lean in to actually exchange a breath. While this greeting is not common today, the word Aloha has remained and stood the test of time.

Crafted from cherry wood. Measures at 13.68 x 2.75 inches. Small hole in top center allows for hanging on the wall. The beauty of using natural materials is that each piece is completed uniquely just for you! Please allow for slight variation in color and grain, as wood is a natural material.

Please contact us for a shipping quote if you require shipping outside of the U.S.A. or if you would like to utilize our combined shipping option.

*shells in the second picture are not included and are for display only.