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EXPEDITED SHIPPING for Koa wood phone case and phone stand/charging station. +$3.00


If you would like to receive your phone case or phone stand/charging station faster then the standard first class shipping, please add this "$3.00 item" to your cart. First class shipping takes approximately 5 days within U.S.A. With this expedited shipping we will ship it "3 day priority" (U.S.A.) instead of first class.

Please note this is re: timing from ship date. Please allow up to one week for us to make your product. Often times we may have it in stock and it won't take a full week to ship. In this case we will send it out as promptly as possible.

Also, we are not responsible for delay due to the postal service itself. Holiday times may be more congested. Please ship according to your needs and feel free to send us a note if you are working with a time deadline. We will do our best to work with you on what we can!